Private Childcare Startup Package

Starting a childcare business is a wonderful way to support the families in your community, bring your passion for early childhood development to life and create an income.  The childcare licensing process is complicated and often new operators don't receive the support and guidance they need to navigate the system effectively. 

Private childcare is facing many restrictions and limitations under the new Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Agreement it is important you as an operator have a full understanding of this agreement and what is means for you now and in the future.  We specialize in private childcare and supporting the interests and unique needs of private operators. 

The Childcare Start-up Package is everything you need to successfully apply for your childcare license in Alberta and start building your dream.

Included in this package is:

  • Initial Childcare Licensing Application
  • Completed Program Plan -unique to your childcare program 
  • Support in obtaining; Corporate Status, Liability Insurance, Criminal Record Clearance
  • Description of Program Premises for Licensing Capacity
  • 2hr of support- in person, phone calls, email responses.

Investment Range of $1500-$3500 plus GST